Cellar closed for construction until mid-semester

The Cellar, usually filled with students hanging out, is closed for construction this fall as crews repair water damage. The Life Science Building roof also is being repaired.

 Fall semester is beginning with The Cellar closed for repairs.

Along with the roof of the L Building, the Cellar is undergoing repairs needed after water damage earlier in the year.

The DRV Company will be working 10-hour days, four days a week to complete the projects, using Fridays as make-up days if necessary.

The Cellar is mostly known as a space for students to hang out between classes, but it’s also home to Student Government.

Tyler Rahe and Rick Ramlow, of the contracting crew for the Cellar, were tearing up the flooring in the Student Government room the week before  Fall Semester started.

“We’ve been doing construction all week,” Rahe said, with country music playing in the background.

“We hope to have this all torn up by the end of the week,” he said.

According to Rahe, the Cellar will be receiving new floors, carpeting, and painting.

He said that before they put in the new flooring, workers will be trenching water damage for about three weeks. Then putting in the new flooring and carpeting will take about three weeks.

After the flooring and carpeting are done, the painting will start. Rahe said he was unsure how long that would take them to complete.

During the renovations to The Cellar, the Student Government has moved its offices room to the E Building.

Repairs to the Life Science Building will mostly affect the second floor and roof, according to an e-mail from Jack Burns, MCCC director of Campus Planning & Facilities.

However, there may be work in other parts of the building at times, Burns said.

Some entrances and exits may sometimes be closed because of the construction, he said.

Burns’ e-mail stated that the construction should end somewhere around the end of October or early November, but that it could be delayed.

Burns requested that the contractor and the crew members use the back of Lot 3 for parking. This will allow the parking spots closer to the building to remain open for students and faculty.

In the e-mail, Burns said the contractors will try to stay out of the way of students and faculty as much as possible.

There will be extra noise on campus, so students and faculty should be expecting that, he said.