Small town, big screen

Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad directs a scene in downtown Monroe from the movie, "Jinn."

Detroit based production company Exxodus Pictures is bringing big time action and suspense right into our backyard with the new movie, “Jinn.”
This action thriller directed by Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad was shot in locations around Michigan and specifically right here In Monroe.  Watching this film you will notice a 600 horse power Supercharged V8 firebreather Camaro bolting around the streets of downtown Monroe.
Pretty awesome, right? It gets better.
An exciting supernatural fight scene takes place right in front of the IHM building on Elm Street. It gives that location a whole new portrayal, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is my favorite and arguably the best scene in the entire film.
Benjamin Dresser, the producer behind Exodus Pictures, made it clear that shooting in Monroe had its benefits.
“Monroe has a unique look — a lot of beautiful locations and classic architecture”
Jinn is a supernatural thriller that features main characters Shawn (Dominic Rains) and his wife, Jasmine (Serinda Swan).
As the two settle into a comfortable life, Shawn begins to encounter a haunting vibe, leading him to a secret that changes his whole life.
He learns about a supernatural being that has cursed his family for many generations and is now after him.
This mystic being is called the Jinn.
The film described the Jinn as a third race of beings that have lived on this planet since before mankind existed.
After learning more of his past, he joins forces with a guardian-like figure, Gabriel (Ray Park), a pastor, Father Westhoff (William Atherton), and his long lost cousin, who all give him guidance on his journey to take down this evil being.
As Shawn struggles with the Jinn, the film kept me on the edge of my seat. Whether it was an action-packed scene or an eerie horror scene, there was never a dull moment in this movie.
Not only was Jinn full of suspense, it did a great job of captivating the emotional story of Shawn and his wife, Jasmine. I won’t ruin the movie, but let’s just say there is an unexpected twist at the end that really completes the story.
Seeing all of this suspense and action in Monroe was an eye-opener to the actual potential in this city.  Although some attach a negative reputation to Monroe, this town is actually thriving in many areas.
Well-known films such as MOOZ-lum and “Jimmy P,” staring Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, were shot right here in Monroe.
MCCC student Abby Buick pointed out that the future of films in this state is unclear.
“Michigan had some cool films shot here when there was still the tax incentive, which I think was an excellent move. Now that that’s gone, there hasn’t been much,” she said.
Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad seems to be conscious of the bad rap Michigan has gotten lately.
I think more films shot here will continue to strengthen the film industry in Michigan.
After viewing this film, it was exciting to know that such a good story was filmed five minutes from my house.
I think this was a great film all around and I am looking forward to future productions involving this town.