Outstanding students, faculty honored at Honors Reception

Melanie Jacobs-Davis accepts the Faculty Association's Outstanding Student award from professor Wendy Wysocki.


Over 50 students were awarded for academic accomplishments at the MCCC Honor’s Reception.
Faculty members from several different departments gave students awards from their respective subjects on April 23 at the Meyer Theater.
The Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award was presented to Melanie Jacobs-Davis. Jacobs-Davis plans on staying on campus but earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Siena Heights.
She has spent her time at the college being involved in the Ambassador Club and being a reporter for The Agora.
“This year I was nominated for the Outstanding Student Award and I have to say, I was floored,” Jacobs-Davis said.
 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award was awarded to Professor Daniel Stewart, who was in class at the time of the ceremony.
 Professor William Hilliker was honored with the Outstanding Faculty Award. Hilliker has been an instructor in the Computer Information Systems field for the past 7seven years.
He is involved with the MCCC Faculty Council and the Executive Board. Hilliker was also responsible for finalizing the transfer agreement between MCCC and Eastern Michigan University.
“I’m kind of in shock,” he said. “I didn’t expect to win, and it was an honor just to be nominated.”
MCCC’s first president, Dr. Ronald Campbell made an appearance to give the Dr. Ronald Campbell Student Government Award to Michelle McDevitt.
Campbell has given this award away for the past 28 years since he retired in 1985.
According to him, the ceremony has made some changes over the years since his tenure as President.  
“During the course of time, things are going to evolve; you can see the changes in education and philosophy,” he said.
All of the clubs and organizations at MCCC were given an honorable mention:
The Agora staff, the Ambassador Club, Archaeological Society of MCCC, the Ballroom Dance Club, Criminal Justice Club, Culinary club, GSA club, International Studies club, Lambda Alpha Nu, the Math and Science Society, MCCC Gaming Association, Military Veterans United, Psychology Interest Group, Freshman Respiratory Therapy Student club, Sophomore Respiratory Therapy Student club, Student Nurses Association, and Student Government.