Pokemon X,Y improves battles, adds new advantages

The world of Pokemon has been transformed once again with the introduction of Pokemon X and Y.

In the latest installment, game developer Gamefreak has gamers exploring the region of Kalos, a star shape land mass that had been modeled after France.

Along with the new region, Gamefreak has created new Pokemon: the X version’s exclusive Xerneas and Y version’s exclusive, Yveltal.

Like the games before, many Pokemon are only obtained though trading with other versions.

For the first time since the Gold and Silver versions, a new Pokemon type has been conceived: Fairy.

The 18th type has reconditioned several fan favorites such as Jiggly Puff and Marill to this new type. With the new type, Gamefreak has assigned special and physical to individual moves.

Players will be happy to know they are now able to customize their character. Players can choose from a variety of clothing pieces that were not available in previous versions.

To spice things up, Gamefreak has introduced the concept of mega evolutions. Specific Pokemon who have reached max evolution now during battle can transform into a mega-evolution, buffing special attacks and sometimes even changing the Pokemon type.  

The new feature Pokemon-Amie strengthens bonds and gives players some battle advantages, such as preventing their Pokemon from fainting.

While Pokemon has never been a traditional online multi-player game, the connectivity update to the player search system, which allows players to keep track of other players, brings an almost MMO feel to the series.

There has also been an update to the Global Trading System, the system which allows players to trade all over the world. The update includes a new search feature allowing any Pokemon to be searched for. Players can trade or battle with friends and strangers, with a tap on the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS.

They can also use the new “O-Powers” feature. This allows players to provide enhancements for other players, such as healing Pokemon or helping to catch them.

Backwards compatibility is not currently available between older versions of the game.  

Gamefreak has assured players that the cloud- based service Pokebank, which stores Pokemon within the game, will be available on Dec. 27 and will cost only $5 a year.  

Fans are sure to enjoy the new improvements of this version.

The new player search system brings the game to life, as players can battle their friends who are in the same Wi-Fi area or with an internet connection.

The new type, Fairy, provides a new challenge to battling and the introduction of mega-evolutions gives flair to old characters.  Pokemon X and Y were released worldwide on October 12 for the 3DS for $39.99.