Zarza elected Student Government president

Joshua Zarza has been elected president of this year’s Student Government.

“I’m ambitious,” Zarza said. “I think we can accomplish things that we’ll be remembered for.”

Michelle Mcdevitt was elected vice-president.

“Student Government is like a second family,” Mcdevitt said. “I hoped I was going to win.”

Also elected were Shelby Angilley, secretary; Blaine Hubbert, Treasurer; Christopher Holmes, Liaison; and Michelle Kotanova, Historian.

“I feel very confident in the officers that did get elected,” Zarza said.

Student Government advisor, Tom Ryder, was also happy with the results.

“I think the students did a great job,” Ryder said. “All the nominations were strong.”

Former Student Government president and current liaison, Christopher Holmes, was confident with the new president.

“Joshua Zarza is the perfect choice,” Holmes said. “He identifies well with the student body.”

Holmes said he was also happy with the other elected officers.

“Michelle (McDevitt) is always there, you can count on her. Shelby (Angilley) is very articulate and very punctual as well. Michelle (Kotanova) did a wonderful job last year, she really knows how to grab the essence. Blaine (Hubbert) works directly with Tom, there will be a very small margin of error,” Holmes said.

The torch has been handed off and the pressure is on new president, Joshua Zarza.

“Josh (Zarza) does have big shoes to fill,” vice-president Mcdevitt said. “I think he’s going to do great.”

Zarza said he is up to the challenge though.

“This year I’m a lot more focused,” Zarza said. “There’s a very optimistic tone.”

In the past year, Student Government has put on functions ranging from the Sweetheart Ball to the Family Fun Night and most recently, the Welcome Back Barbeque.

The tone of the elections seemed to be about getting new ideas into the committee.

“I like to see new, creative projects and ideas,” Ryder said. “Whatever they come up with is fun.”

Holmes also stressed the importance of this year’s Student Government bringing new ideas to the meetings.

“It’s time for new faces and ideas,” Holmes said. “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing.”

Zarza said he is not only dedicated to bringing new ideas to MCCC but he is also determined to change the communities view on the Student Government.

“We’re not just a student club,” Zarza said. “We meet every other Tuesday to discuss how we can better the community.”

Check out their website at www.monroeccc.edu/stgovt to learn more about their mission and to contact Tom Ryder.