Child care center closes doors, future unclear

MCCC’s child-care center has been left in limbo.

Randy Daniels, vice president of student services, said in an email last week that the former director of the child care center, Diana Cramer, has decided not to operate the child care centerthis fall.

Daniels said he has been scrambling to try to have another plan for students who will be returning to classes this week.

“Given the timeframe for acquiring licensure from the State of Michigan, it will take 3-6 months for a new vendor to get licensed and operate on our campus. Therefore, we cannot offer child care services on campus this semester,” Daniels said.

In a telephone interview, Daniels said it is not known yet whether childcare services will be provided next semester.

Located in the Health Building, the child-care facility has been under threat of closing its doors due to dwindling funds.

However, the Board of Trustees voted in July to keep it open under a private employer, no longer operated by MCCC.

At its June 24 meeting, the Board of Trustees decided to accept an offer by Cramer, who was the child care center’s director for 33 years. Requests for proposals to operate the center had been submitted to 20 vendors within the community.

“During her tenure, she has provided excellent service for the students requiring child care,” Daniels said at the June 24 meeting.
Cramer could not be reached for comment.

Daniels further elaborated in the email that all inquires should be referred to nearby locations such as Meadow Montessori School or the Intermediate School District.

“I talked to Kathy Calder (Principal) over at
Montessori and let her know we will be referring
students to her,” he said.

Arrangements are being made to have MCCC students drop off their children at the private school.

Crystal Willit, secretary of the early childhood program, said the Intermediate School District does not have a regular daycare program for non-special needs children, but has an Early Head Start program for those 0-3 years.

The program provides education on parenting and child development through home visitations.

It is currently accepting applications, but the program is waitlisted.

For more information please call: Meadow Montessori 734-241-9496 or Intermediate School District 242-5454