Faculty will pay for part of health insurance

Faculty will be seeing a change in their health insurance plans starting this August.
The Board of Trustees approved an interim agreement that requires faculty to pay for part of their health insurance plans.
“It’ll be the first they will have to contribute,” Joe Verkennes, director of Marketing, said after the meeting.
The Board of Trustees held a special session to discuss the measure.
“The interim agreement is primarily focused on allowing the faculty to participate in new health insurance plans effective Sept. 1 so that the benefits are consistent with caps required under new state law, and, as a result, save the college significant costs for health insurance while still providing the faculty with coverage they desire,” a college news release said.
 Verkennes said the move accommodates state legislation passed a year ago that sets caps on amounts an institution can contribute toward health care.
The Faculty Association agreed to the plan on July 22.  The current plan expires on Aug 23 and the new agreement will take effect on Aug 24, the news release said. 
The college and the faculty will continue to negotiate other provision in the contract, including salaries.