Semi-finalist interviews get started

The semi-finalist race has begun, and it is now a matter of who will make it to the finalist’s finish line.

 Presidential Search Committee members met for a special meeting on April 29 that involved interviewing the eight semi-finalist candidates selected in the search.

John Steinecke, Board services specialist of ACCT, introduced the procedures the search committee should follow during the interview process.

Steinecke said search committee members will have the opportunity to recommend at least five finalist candidates to the Board of Trustees.

The interviews are held via Skype video conference and have also been video recorded.

“It’s a good way of understanding how these people communicate,” Steinecke said about video conferencing interviewees in a Skype conversation.

Candidates are asked 16 questions and timed anywhere approximately 2-3 minutes.

“Try to enjoy the day. Try to enjoy the people. You’re going to see a lot of people with different perspectives,” he said.

Candidates that were interviewed today included:John Satkowski, J.D., Carlee Drummer, Ph.D., Karen Hays, Ph.D., Utpal Goswami, Ph.D,. Renay Scott, Ph.D. and Kojo Quartey, Ph.D.

The two remaining interviews: Suzanne Wetzel M.A. of MCCC and Amy DeSonia Ph.d will be conducted tomorrow April 30.

Once the interviews are completed, the search committee will make their selection of finalists on a tally sheet.

“Everyone will see composite scores of the group,” Board Vice-Chairman and Search Committee chairman Bill Braunlich said about the process.

Actual yes or no answers will be displayed on a board for the search committee to see the group’s tabulation. Braunlich said, for example, if all 16 members of the search committee voted on the same finalist, that procedure won’t be necessary.

“At this point, we have not defined how many finalists there will be,” he said about the final analysis.

The official selection of the finalists will be announced at 5pm on April 30.

Braunlich was positive on today’s outcomes.

“I thought it went really well,” he said after the meeting.

Braunlich also commended the Board of Trustees and the search committee’s cooperation.

 “They’re fully engaged in the process. This board wants to see, wants to know, wants to be in this position,” he said.