Spring Breakers impresses fans

Spring Breakers is by far the trashiest and most entertaining movie I’ve seen all season.

This is your warning, this movie is incredibly inappropriate. Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Cotty (Rachel Korine) and Faith (Selena Gomez) have been friends since grade school and are now stuck together in a boring college dorm.

In the search for some excitement the girl’s come to realize that going to Florida for spring break would be the perfect opportunity.

All they need is the money… The minds of these unique young women don’t work the same as most. In order to come up with the money they paint water guns black, put on ski masks, and borrow a friend’s car to rob a local diner.

When they get to Florida the madness never ends. When they come into contact with rapper “Alien” (James Franco), more chaos unfolds.

Like I said, this movie is entertaining but in the most ridiculous and raunchy way.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a date movie, but I also wouldn’t recommend paying to see it yourself.

Disney would be rather disappointed with their past stars. Smoking, stealing, and sex are certainly things they were sure to stay away from; which may be partially why it was hard to take these roles seriously.

It also might be because people don’t really talk and act the way the characters in the movie did.

Though credit must be given where it’s due, playing these roles couldn’t have been easy or comfortable, for that matter.

I couldn’t take the role of “Alien” seriously for a second. I laughed at moments that I doubt the direction had intended to be humorous.

I can’t tell if James Franco is over-acting in this movie to make fun of rappers such as Riff Raff, or if he just took the part as seriously as he does with everything else he does.

And then Gucci Mane came out of the woodwork and just pushed the movie over the top, and off a cliff.

Needless to say this movie provokes some mixed feelings.

If you’re in the mood to giggle, and have nothing better to do, go ahead and give this movie a chance.

But whatever you do, do not watch this movie with your parents. Or anybody else who has any respect for you.