Scott McCloskey wins Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award

Scott McCloskey received the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award at MCCC’s Honor Reception.

McCloskey has been teaching at MCCC since 1997, and is a full-time teacher at Monroe High School.

Dr. Grace Yackee, Vice President of Instruction, presented McCloskey with the award.

“His students described him as helpful, dedicated, and humorous,” Yackee said.

“Students praise his classes for the knowledge they offer and the skills they build,” she added.

McCloskey was surprised to receive the award.

“I had no idea I was going to win the award,” he said. “Any of the nominees would have been a worthy recipient.”

A poignant moment in the presentation was when Yackee read from a student review commenting on McCloskey’s performance as a teacher.

“He is a phenomenal, engaging teacher. I was lucky to have him,” Yackee read.

McCloskey’s passion in not limited to the classroom.

In addition to teaching English Composition, Acting, and Theater classes at MCCC, being a full-time English teacher at Monroe High School, and directing plays at the college, McCloskey is active in theater outside the institutions.

He has wrote two screenplays, performed in theaters across the state, wrote a novel, and directed several plays, written by the likes of William Shakespeare and Samuel Beckett.

The Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award is selected by a committee at MCCC. The winner receives a $250 stipend for professional development activities.

The other nominees for the award were: William Barr, Melody Carmichael, Stephen Gagnon, Pat Lambrix, Cherilea Morton, Dr. Tami Steveson, Michael Trohimczyk, Larry Bell, Kelley Colston, Jeffrey Hill, James Luciow, Shane Spaulding, Dawn Stewart, Dawn White, Lori Briggs, Asad Farah, Jill Lambert, Mitchell Steils, and Benjamin Tallerico.