Olympus thrills audience

With special effects galore, Morgan Freeman offering wisdom,
Gerard Butler providing  eye candy, and a strong supporting
cast, Olympus Has Fallen has   something for everyone.

An action-packed-thriller, with an almost believable plot, the film is a definite success.

The plot focuses on a former Secret Service agent (Butler), trying to save the President (Eckhart) from a group of Korean-born-terrorists who have taken him hostage in a bunker located inside of the White House.

Freeman plays the Speaker of the House who is forced to act as President when the Vice President and President are unable to perform
their duties.

The film is loaded with intense military combat, and awesome fight scenes.

The acting is good, and the special effects are impeccable.

My only problem with the film is how easy the terrorists were able to siege the White House.

Anyone with even the scarcest knowledge of the defense capabilities of the United States knows that it would be a much more challenging task to overtake the White House, than what is portrayed in the film.

The terrorists use an American aircraft to provide air support, before storming through the front gates of the White House with ground troops.

This will never happen.


The last time anyone was able to do significant damage to the White House was 1814, during the war of 1812.

This part of the movie was down right silly.

Once one is able to get past that nearly comical concept, the film delivers everything the viewer wants.

Among action films released in 2013, Olympus Has Fallen stands head and shoulders above the rest.   restreskdkd