Dr. Kenneth Mohney named outstanding faculty member

Kenneth Mohney was named MCCC’s outstanding faculty member at Honors Night.

Dr. Mohney joined the Monroe County Community College faculty in 2004. A professor of sociology and anthropology, he has taught at least 10 different classes within the fields of anthropology, archaeology and sociology.

Dr. Grace Yackee, Vice President of Instruction, began by presenting a short background on Mohney’s credentials as an archaeologist and anthropologist.

“Dr. Mohney is actively engaged in archaeology clubs,” Yackee said.

That includes acting as the advisor of the Archaeological Society of MCCC.  He has also held flint knapping sessions. Flint knapping was a tool-making technique used by pre-historic cultures.

“Dr. Mohney is a noteworthy scholar,” she said.

Mohney has authored and co-authored approximately 30 publications, as well as peer reviewed articles.

Yackee described Mohney’s community service record as “impressive”.
“I have to thank everybody who got me here,” Mohney said to the crowd at the award ceremony.

Some of the people he thanked were students both past and present.

“Dr. Hedeen gave his highest recognition of this award without reservation,” Yackee said about Dr. Paul Hedeen, dean of the Humanities/Social Sciences Division.

“I don’t know what to say,” Mohney said after receiving the award.
“I think about all the truly outstanding faculty here. There are some outstanding candidates,” he said. 

Mohney enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids when he is not teaching.

“I like to cook,” Mohney said about his interests outside his field.

Some current projects he is working toward include conducting field school work at the Adams site, an archaeological project in Temperance, as well as managing reviews with the North American Archaeologist.

“This is stuff I enjoy,” he said.

Additional nominees for the Faculty Award included: Alex Babycz, Lori Jo Couch, Dr. Melissa Grey, Dr. Dean Kerste, Felice Moorman, Nicholas Prush, Lori Bean, Tim Dillon, Dr. Joyce Haver, Edmund LaClair, Dr. Carrie Nartker, Scott Wang, Bonnie Boggs, Dr. Maris Fonseca, William Hilliker, Dr. Ken Mohney, Dr. Patrick Nedry and Gary Wilson.