Presidential candidate list narrowed to 8 semifinalists

Short and sweet became the theme for the presidential search meeting Wednesday, April 17.

The Board of Trustees called a 10-minute public session to discuss what occurred in the closed meeting during the day, when Search Committee members reviewed possible candidates.

John Steinecke of ACCT, the consulting firm hired by the college, opened with a presentation about the search.

“The bottom line is you ended up with a pool of 35 applicants,” Steinecke said. “You have some very qualified individuals.”

The Search Committee developed a list of eight semi-finalist candidates. Their names remain confidential until they sign a written release giving permission for them to be released. Steinecke said that final acknowledgement may come within the next 3-4 days.

The eight semifinalists were identified by numbers:  11, 17, 29, 23, 19, 13, 12 and 28.

“The candidate numbers have no intrinsic value. It’s just a tracking number,” Steinecke said.

A motion was made to approve the list of candidates and the decision passed.

“We have our marching orders. We’ll get on it right away,” Steinecke said about getting approval from the candidates.

Steinecke said that the next step on the search’s timeline will be interviewing candidates on April 29 and 30. Finalists will be reviewed approximately two weeks after the semi-finalist interviews.

“It’s a very short timeline. Everything seems to be doing well,” he said.

Board of Trustee member Mary Kay Thayer commended Steinecke and ACCT (Association of Community College Trustees) on the quality of the search process.

“It’s going very well. Very smoothly,” Thayer said.