Intramural basketball league brings students together

A sheet of snow and ice blanketed Raisinville Road early Friday afternoon, but it didn’t stop the dedicated ballers in MCCC’s intramural basketball league.

Although the college does not have a basketball program, there is still a chance to play in an organized fashion.

The Intramural basketball league was started by Karen Turner, the Fitness Coordinator at MCCC.

“This league helps the students bond, and helps get to know other people on campus,” Turner said. 

Curtis Ledford, who studies criminal justice at MCCC, helps with the organization of the league. He is also the score keeper and color commentator.

“I don’t play, it wouldn’t be fair to the other teams,” Ledford joked.

This is the fourth season of the intramural basketball league; there are sessions during both the fall and winter semesters.

The intramural basketball league consists of four teams of eight players. There are two games every Friday, with two 20 minute halves. Ledford and Turner run the scoreboard and keeps the stats. 

Even though it is a small league, there is a lot of passion as students play for bragging rights on campus.

For most college students Friday is a day of rest, the majority of students attend classes Monday through Thursday, with Friday their only day off.

 Why dedicate yourself to a small intramural basketball league on your day off?

Matt Little, who is studying communications and broadcasting, has been playing in the league every season that it has been available.

“I love basketball. It’s been my entire life,” Little said.

He said he joined the league so that he could keep playing a competitive style of basketball, and also said that it is great conditioning.

Kenny Stritt, who is studying accounting at MCCC and works at the YMCA, also plays in the league.  Stritt said he signed up for the league because it is more competitive than playing an ordinary pick- up game.

“Karen does a good job of organizing,” Stritt said.

He said he doesn’t mind coming on his only day off.

 “I’d come even if I had school,” he said.

On Feb. 22, the Cupid Stunts beat The Shizz 65-61 in a game that came down to the wire. Nick Dempsey, who plays for the Cupid Stunts, was thrilled about the victory.

“It feels good to win – ready to take this team to the title,” Dempsey said.

The playoffs start March 8 at 11 a.m. All games are played in the gym inside the Health Education building.

Although it’s a small league, the teams play with passion. There is a surprising level of talent that is showcased on Friday afternoons.

Several students said there are a lot of talented players at MCCC who want to play organized basketball  – maybe even enough for the college to one day support an official basketball program.