This camouflage trend needs to be stopped.

Sure, wear it hunting so you have the upper hand to those animals

without opposable thumbs.

However, here at school- we can all still see you and your lack of

efforts in the fashion department.

I mean, sure, adding a splash of pink to your Cabela’s camouflage

hoodie totally shouts, “I like to kill animals, but I’m also cute and girly.

Kind of…

For whatever reason, this trend is growing much too rapidly.

Now I don’t want you all to come at me with your NRA sticker-covered

rifles and bows. To each their own, really. All I’m saying is do your

best not to get bated into this trap that you can so clearly avoid. 

If wearing camouflage makes you feel rugged or edgy, try a cool

flannel with darker colored jeans and boots. You can dress that simple

outfit up or down depending on what you accessorize it with.

A good flannel will never go out of style.  

Another simple solution could be dark green Chino colored pants with

a dark brown button down.

Adding a splash of color to these outfits is just as easy as buying a lime green Under Armor hoodie with camouflage embellishment.

For women, finding a brightly colored flannel isn’t hard to do. 

And now with spring around the corner, pastel colored jeans are in


Adding something like a printed jean shirt with a pair of coral colored

skinny jeans with a cute pair of oxfords or even simple flats is the ideal

outfit idea for the upcoming season.

You never need a reason to go out and spoil yourself once in a while,

but switching out that tired camo look for something new and fresh for

the spring is a damn good one.