Board gets updates on CTC, Whitman

Updates on the new Career

Technology Center building and

the Whitman Center were among

topics discussed in January’s

MCCC Board of Trustees meeting.

Jim Blumberg, director of the

college physical plant, provided

the update on the CTC building.

“As of the last invoice, we are

about 80 percent complete with

the construction,” he said.


working on finishes now, flooring

and final ceilings, working our

way from front to back.”

Blumberg said the building is

set to have its occupancy certificate

by April, and final details

will be worked out throughout the


A hot dog and hard hat event,

which will include tours of the

building, has been scheduled from

4-6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7.

Judith Hamburg, of Concerned

Citizens for the Whitman Center,

talked to the board about her concern

for the Center.

“We care very much for our

Whitman Center,” she said.

Hamburg waved an issue of

Campus Connection, a Toledo

publication that focuses on colleges,

which did not include an

advertisement for the Whitman


She told board members that the

Whitman Center needs more advertising

to attract more students.

“Please remember us in your

advertising… Please see the vitality

of our Whitman Center, “she


She also said the Whitman Center

is understaffed and asked the

board to provide more funding for

the center.

“We are very vulnerable. We

need a director,” she said.

The former director of the Whitman

Center resigned last summer,

and the position hasn’t been filled.

“We see a lot of students at

Whitman. So I ask you, please

look for avenues. Please look at

us carefully,” she said.

Joe Verkennes, MCCC’s marketing

director, explained why

Whitman was not included in the

Campus Connection magazine.

“The primary strategy is to market

in our target audience,” he

said after the meeting.

Verkennes said he has created

a marketing campaign for Whitman

that primarily targets young

to middle age people in Monroe


There are limited funds for marketing,

he noted.

“We can’t be in everything.”

The board also called a special

board meeting for Feb. 18 at 6

p.m. to discuss the search for the

next college president.

At the close of the meeting,

board member Linda Lauer read

a quote by board member Mary

Kay Thayer.

“I think it’s a good way to set

the stage,” Lauer said.

Thayer’s quote reads:

“Effective boards consist of

people who come together to

form a cohesive group to articulate

and represent the public interest;

establish a climate for learning,

and monitor the effectiveness

of the institution… the college

trustees are accountable for the

performance and welfare of the

institutions governed.”