Black Ops 2 offers new maps, killer zombies

Black Ops 2 is the most recent installment of the Call of Duty series.

For those of you that are diehard fans, I bet you haven’t left your game system in the past few days.

This game has its ups and downs, just like the others, but it something that we have and will continue to live on with as gamers.

The campaign of the game is just like all the others of series. There are twists and turns, but like normal they all seem very short.

However, I feel this is because most fans are in it for the multiplayer and zombies, and the gaming industry knows that.

Before we get into those things I would still like to say that when you go to “knife” someone, there still seems to be like a lag, giving your enemy a time to hit you.

I know this happens to everyone, but it continues to happen throughout all the games it seems.

Then there are the maps, which I felt they did well giving you an even number of small and large.

Hijacked is one of my favorites, there is still room to snipe, but not so much that you can’t just run around with dual wielding hand guns.

Carrier is another good one.

It’s a rather large map, which just makes it that much more fun.

What I noticed about people playing on this map is that everyone really stays on top of the ship.

Everyone knows there’s a bottom section of the ship right? It is just as good as the top!

Another wonderful thing that they did with this game is making it easier to choose your weapons and attachments.

They went through the trouble laying everything out with some kind of descriptive icon so the player knew exactly what they were getting.

A good portion of the fans love the Nazi zombies from the past, but I feel that you will love the zombies of now.

The new way they did zombies really opens it up for the players. Not only do you take a bus to the many different locations, but the action comes along for the ride, letting you shoot zombies as they try to infiltrate the bus.

The locations are also very appropriate for zombie rounds. The designers this time went with an “end of the world” look.

Not to mention the fact that if you are really into playing through everything, you have to build things with scrap parts to get from place to place more successfully.

I have to give a Black Ops 2 a 10 out of 10 for one of the best games in the past few months.