MCCC cafeteria gets Grade A name

MCCC’s cafeteria has a new name, and Adrianna MacAllister has a bunch of free lunches.

MacAllister’s name for the cafeteria – Grade A Cafe – was chosen in a contest sponsored by Kosch Catering.

More than fifty students sent in name suggestions, according to Nathan Lockhart of Kosch, trying to win the prize of free lunches for a year.

MacAllister was spending the afternoon with her boyfriend watching tv and checking her e-mail.

When she came across the e-mail about the contest, she thought it was worth a try.

“The name just popped into my head and I thought it would sure be nice to get a free lunch the two times I am on main campus in the winter semester,” MacAllister said.

MacAllister was among the students who sent in multiple names for the contest. Her other suggestions were, “Grub Hub,” and “Rejuvenation Station.”

Due to MacAllister’s schedule, she isn’t able to come to main campus often.

Next semester she will be on campus twice a week and will be able to take advantage of her prize.

“The food is good, but free makes it much better for a poor college student,” she said.