David Nixon resigns as MCCC president

This time next year, Dr. David Nixon does not plan on being president of MCCC.

At a Board of Trustees meeting Monday night, board Chairman Bill Bacarella read Nixon’s resignation letter aloud.

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Assuming the board finds a replacement in time, with a search beginning in earnest as soon as January, the fifth president of the college will start work in summer 2013.

When Bacarella asked Nixon whether he would remain as an interim president if the board wasn’t able to find MCCC’s next leader in time, Nixon said he would make such a decision if and when the time comes.

 Before exploring the topic of how to begin shaping the criteria the board will use in searching for a new president, Vice chairman William Braunlich asked Trustee-elect Jim DeVries if he wanted to be involved before he officially took office.

DeVries, a former MCCC history professor who was elected Nov. 6, said he would like to be involved in the process.

“I will forever be grateful,” Dr. Nixon said of the opportunity to serve as MCCC’s president.

“It has arguably been the most dynamic period in MCCC’s history. Challenged by dwindling resources and Michigan’s longest recession, MCCC’s staff persisted in academic excellence,” he added.

“Thank you, trustees, for letting Judy and I be a part of this.”

“Sorry to see you go,” Bacarella said.

“Some of us are, anyway,” he added, joking.

“We’re not going to accept it,” quipped Trustee Marjorie Kreps, who won re-election to the board Nov. 6.

On July 31, 2013, Dr. Nixon will step down after ten years as the fourth President of MCCC.