Medical card hurts credibility

Medical Marijuana; Marijuana used for medicinal purposes to help individuals have an easier time with their illness.
 I can probably name at least five people who have a Medical Marijuana Card, allowing them to grow, smoke, and carry marijuana.
 Some of the main illnesses include: Alzehimer’s, ALS, Anxiety, Cachexia C, and Crohn’s disease, according to Michigan Medical Marijuana.org.
 The people I know, only one has an actual illness.
 I think that people are finding a way around the system to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card so that they may legally smoke.
 This may sound wrong to some people, but I also feel that the use of the Medical Marijuana Card is also beneficial.
 Marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, has been proven to help patients with certain cancers and anxiety.
 If it can benefit those that need it, then I feel that’s a chance that Michigan should take.
 I’m not saying that I feel 17-year-olds should be walking around with a Medical Marijuana Card for Arthritis.
 I think that if you have a legitimate illness, you should be able to have a Medical Marijuana Card.
 There are currently 17 states that have a Medical Marijuana policy, and each state differs on what they will allow to happen.
 Students should beware of bringing any illegal drugs on campus.
 MCCC has a strict policy on drug use.
 “Students are prohibited from the following when attending classes, on campus, or in any vehicle used for College business: ‘the unlawful use, possession, transportation, manufacture, sale or other distribution of an illegal or controlled substance or drug paraphernalia.’ “
If caught, students can be suspended or dismissed from the college, according to the policy.
I feel that the law should continue to be in place, but people shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunities given.