MCCC running, bowling, volleyball clubs begin

The MCCC Huskies club sports teams are preparing for their upcoming seasons.

The MCCC volleyball club team has found a head coach in Elizabeth Terrasi, a former MCCC graduate who started the club team four years ago.

The volleyball team is being advised by Mary Lyons again this year.

This season, the team will be playing in the ALCC recreational league in November, along with playing in occasional weekend tournaments.

The team will also be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“I think it’s great that we still have the team,” freshman Kayla Katanski said.

“I’d like to see MCCC offer different sports to get the students more involved, though.”

They will also host two to three fundraising tournaments, held at MCCC.

MCCC’s bowling club is changing conferences this year, and is expected to start competing in tournaments in January.

The adviser of the club, Tom Ryder, is expecting Don Jones to coach the team in the upcoming season.

“We’re still looking for more bowlers,” Don Jones Jr., a member of last year’s team, said.

“We’re going to wreck it this year.” If interested in joining the club, email Tom Ryder for more information.

“We are hoping to have more students,” Ryder said.

“Even those with lower averages that we can bring along and help improve.” Professor Josh Scully is once again advising the running club.

Scully, who also does online coaching and has written an e-book on smart running, will also be the coach of the club.

The club won’t compete in any sort of tournaments, but will run together as a group.

They will mostly run through campus and along many of Monroe’s bike trails. The club also utilizes a Facebook page to discuss their solo running and workouts.

With the bowling club joining a new conference and the volleyball team returning to its roots by bringing in Terrasi as a head coach, MCCC is expanding its reach through club sports.

“It’ll give people the opportunity to continue doing what they love and most likely draw in more students,” said student Kierstyn Coleman.