Limit spanking kids, teens

The last time that any child has been brought down in front of their peers to receive Corporal Punishment (aka spanked with a paddle) in Michigan was back in 1989.
Some of you may know that recently in Texas a teenage girl thought it would be better to take the paddle than the two days of in-school suspension for letting another student copy her classwork.
All was well, in accordance with the law, as her mother gave both written and verbal consent. However, the school did not abide with the male on male and female on female swatting policy that was set in place.
This teenager was spanked by her male vice principal while a female watched.
The mother was not only upset that a man had spanked her daughter, but that it had left red marks and a bruise.
For starters, no one, and I mean no one, but my future husband or myself will be spanking my children. I want my kids to go through the rest of their day and that long bus ride home knowing when I see them, they will be in so much trouble.
Another thing is, why are people paddling high school students?
Children who are still young enough to understand that if you’re bad you get a swat on the butt is one thing. But when it comes to teens, that is where I would draw the line.
This is the point in a young person’s life when you are messing with an adult instead of a child.
When I was growing up, there were kids in my class that were between the ages of 16 to 20.  During these ages is when teens transform into their adult selves.
There will be no spanking of adults.
Even spanking younger kids really doesn’t do anything after the age of eight. At that point, taking away their playtime, toys, and video games is the best thing.
Reward systems have always proved better results rather than laying a hand on a child.
There is also this thing called Child Protective Services. Most parents nowadays just have to lay a hand on a child and their kids are gone.
So, I have an idea. Are we going to have an adult in some small town school lay their hands on our kids?
I think not.
Moral of the story: spanking kids is only okay if you do it within reason.