Spirit rock comes to campus

 This year’s Student Government has provided MCCC with a 8,500-pound “Spirit Rock.”

Clubs and other organizations can paint signs on the rock to promote their events and activities.

“The spirit rock is going to do great things for the college,” said Michaela Kotanova, the new Student Government Historian. 

“Clubs can spray paint it and make others aware of events going on around campus. A big thank you to Stoneco for the rock,” she said.

This year’s Student Government officers are: President, Chris Holmes; Vice President, Joshua Zarza; Secretary, Charlotte James; Treasurer, Paul  Anders; Historian, Michaela Kotanova; and Liaison, Lezlee Downing.

“I feel we have a wonderful and diverse group of students and leaders who are committed to making life better for the students and staff at MCCC and the local community,” said Tom Ryder, the advisor for Student Government.

“Working with the students is the favorite part of my job. They keep me energized and I look forward to a wonderful year.”

Student Government already has presented a Welcome Back Luncheon at the Whitman Center, co-sponsored a blood drive with the American Red Cross, and launched a Breast Cancer Awareness program.

“I believe that Student Government is a vital asset to our campus and to the college experience. It provides physical manifestations to the thoughts and personality of the student body,” said new President Chris Holmes.

“It also provides a firm foundation and framework for future social and academic success. At times I think the accomplishments of Student Government go unnoticed by some but never unappreciated. The work Student Government does on campus and in society is important when attempting to maintain a healthy and caring community.”

The Welcome Back Luncheon at the Whitman Center was Oct. 22. Student Government members provided sub sandwiches, chips, and cookies.

The blood drive took place Oct. 23 in the dining room.

Student Government is also working with GSA and MASS to put on yet another Halloween dance this year. The dance will take place in the cellar from 7 – 11 p.m. 

“Student Government gives the students a voice,” Ryder said.

“We will take on any major issue of concern to the administration. They also do community service activities and provide the students with entertainment and activities,” he said.

“Although we have many community based events such as Red Cross blood drives, Toys for Tots, and the ever-popular Family Fun Night, this year we want to focus more on the students with events like National Student Day, the use of our New Spirit Rock and the upcoming Halloween Bash on Oct. 26,” Holmes added.

“Two of our main goals this year are to place emphasis on the middle college student and encourage their participation in activities and organizations. Also, we will strive to create a more interconnected relationship between the different clubs on campus for the common good of the student body as a whole.”