Meyers leads college foundation

Michael Meyer is a name known throughout MCCC and Monroe County.

After serving three consecutive terms on the MCCC Board of Trustees, Meyers is running for a fourth term in Nov. 6 election.

Born and raised in Monroe, Meyer graduated from Monroe High School and then continued his education at the University of Miami. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and worked as a speech therapist with the Dade County school system for seven years before returning to Monroe in 1985.

Meyer is well known around campus, not only because his family gave the Meyer Theater its name, but also because he has held high positions at the college and in different organizations throughout the community.

Meyers was instrumental in the creation of The Foundation at Monroe County Community College, the fundraising arm of the college.

“This has truly been my passion and some of my most gratifying work at MCCC,” Meyers said.