Kosch Catering arrives at MCCC

Kosch Catering and Dining Services has been chosen to provide food service to the college.

Kosch, located in Rochester, Michigan, has been in business for 31 years and currently serves 40 other clients throughout southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Among their clients is Walsh College.

The Frog Leg Inn decided not to return to MCCC this fall. This in turn led the college in April to start looking for other venders.

The college sent out a request for a food service provider, and received five proposals.
Of the five, three were selected to come to campus for an interview.

The food service selection committee members included: Sue Wetzel, Paul Knollman, Kevin Thomas, Vicki LaValle, Lauren Pillarelli, Tom Ryder, and Jean Ford.

Other services that were interviewed were Jesse Emmett and Marc Raymond, along with Kim Cousino.

Kosch was started by brothers Gary and Gordie Kosch, when they opened their first restaurant in 1981.
Throughout the years the company grew; it now offers several industry segments.

One reason Kosch Catering was chosen, according to Jean Ford, MCCC’s director of Auxilliary Services and Purchasing, was its strong commitment to accommodating the customer.

They will customize menus based on what the college needs. They also will promote healthy meal choices and there will be a variety of daily menus, Ford said.

One thing Kosch plans to bring to MCCC is going green. Kosch considers itself a very environmently friendly business.

“We care about the environment and know that the students and staff at MCCC do as well,” said Elizabeth Sorge, the culinary sales director.

The second thing Kosch hopes to accomplish is to be customer interactive. They plan to change the menu based on the season and customer feedback.

“They have a lot to offer and will bring some new ideas both in menu choices and marketing. I look forward to working with them,” Ford said.
Kosch took over the cafeteria and catering functions beginning with the first fall semester events.

“The site itself is amazing and I can’t wait to work in this kitchen, meet the students and form relationships with all of you,” Sorge said.