Story causes closer look at today’s society

   Many of the books and movies that we all know and love can relate to people’s lives in ways that, at first, may not be noticed.
    The newest hit in the box offices, The Hunger Games, compares to today’s society in numerous ways.
    Making more money than Twilight and Harry Potter, The Hunger Games has become extremely popular with both young and older generations.
    However, some viewers of the movie or even those who read the books do not realize that the themes and lessons found within the Hunger Games hold true to today’s world.
    The Hunger Games is based around the life of a girl named Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is an independent, strong, smart girl who cares for her family after her father died in a mining accident.
    The Everdeen family lives in a state which is known as District 12.
    In this movie, there are twelve districts, which would be considered equal to states or territories. There is also one main district, the Capitol.
    Those who live within the districts are considered poor and are controlled by those who reside in the Capitol, the wealthy people of the nation.
    The rulers of the Capitol greatly abuse their power. The most surprising thing that the Capitol does to demonstrate its power is holding The Hunger Games.
    The Hunger Games happen once a year. Two children from each district are chosen to participate. When in the game, the children fight until there is only one person, the winner, left alive.
    Clearly, there is a distinct line of power shown throughout this story. The people in the Capitol view themselves as superior because of their wealth and use it against those in the districts.
    Those living in the districts submit to the Capitol because they have come to believe that they are, in fact, inferior to the citizens of the Capitol.
    This demonstration of the “haves” and “have nots” shown in this movie is also found within our own society. Just like in The Hunger Games, our nation has both poor and wealthy people whose power is given to them based on their income.
   Another way The Hunger Games story line relates to our society’s values is in the way of appearances.
   In the movie, Katniss has to undergo a huge transformation of her looks in order to be more appealing to the people who watch The Hunger Games.
   This way of thinking is common within our society. Adolescents strive to look a certain way so that way their peers will view them as “cool” or “good looking,” which in return gains their friendship.
    Love and relationships are also demonstrated throughout the plot.
    Katniss is told to fake her love for her fellow competitor in order to win viewers’ favor. However, the boy she is faking her affection toward, Peeta, is not pretending his love for her.
    Peeta truly loves Katniss and would sacrifice himself before letting her die in the games.
    Although this type of true love is rare in our world, it still is manifest in the lives of a few.
    There are people in our society who would do anything for one another and could not bear losing what they have.
     Obviously, The Hunger Games is more than just a story about a future generation and how they live.
     The story line has numerous themes that can relate to the lives of everyday people.
     The Hunger Games hits home and makes people think about many different aspects of life.