Simple plot holds viewers’ attention

    There are worse ways to spend an afternoon than watching Lockout.
    The plot is simple: An important hostage is being held in an impenetrable fortress, and the only way to rescue her is to send in a cynical loose-cannon of questionable loyalty.
    It’s a tried-and-true formula from the big book of movie cliches, and frankly it still works.
    This time, the setting is a giant floating space prison with hundreds of murderous convicts.
    The hostage is the president’s daughter – adequately played by Maggie Grace of TV’s Lost, and the sarcastic action hero is a framed government agent that will be granted his freedom for accomplishing the mission – played with a fair amount of charm by Guy Pearce.
   The story moves along at an acceptable pace, the action scenes are entertaining, the acting is adequate for an action movie, and the special effects get the job done.
    Overall, Lockout is an enjoyable if somewhat forgettable experience. It knows what it is and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re looking for a cheesy action movie, with some light sci-fi elements tossed in, give Lockout a look.