Hunger entrances audience, series lovers

   With the early hours of the night approaching, the air seemed tenser as I walked into the theater to watch, “The Hunger Games.”
    Let me tell you, I haven’t read any of the books, but I heard mixed reviews about both. Most said that the books were phenomenal, but the movie left some minor details out that were supposedly beneficial to the story line.
    But as far as I’m concerned, I think the movie was really great for those of us who don’t have time to read the books.
    The storyline was beautiful; it really makes you think, “what if, what if we had to go through that?” Or how would we react if we watched someone else do that in their society?
    And if you really think about it, you could tell in the movie who has more humanity coursing through their veins, compared to others who were going through the games.
     And of course, the little love story in there makes it worth watching, too. It makes the story a little more exciting, and it really makes you realize that there were still little glimmers of hope for humanity.
     Some questions I’ve heard from the public about this movie include, “Well isn’t it too bloody?” My response is: not really. Yes some things are shown, but not enough to make you turn away from the screen and shudder – just enough to know that they will not be in the rest of the film.
    Just a little hint-hint for those of you who haven’t seen this movie: Watch out for the little old-fashioned hints of the society; the dress of members, the actions, conditions, etc.
    I think people would be surprised how much of the future and the past really came together in this movie.
    According to Box Office Mojo.com “The Hunger Games” is still the number one movie out there, for the fourth week in a row. The opening week earned the movie over $21 million. The total gross of the movie overall was over $336 million. Wow.
    This movie is great. The book may even be better, but let me tell you this: watch and read them all if you have the chance. It not only looks great visually, but it might even look better in print. I defiantly give this movie a 10 out of 10.