MCCC’s Drama Club shows “The Curious Savage”

   “The Curious Savage,” a play by John Patrick, was performed in the little theater April 21-22.
    The story is about a woman (Ethel Savage) who is left a large sum of money from her husband, who recently passed away. However, her stepchildren are doing all they can to get their grubby hands on the money.
    When the widow puts her money into some bonds, the stepchildren realize that they won’t be able to get it. They think that maybe putting her in a sanatorium would make her come to her senses.
    While on the inside, however, she starts to feel that the people inside the walls are saner than those who are outside.
    Since the beginning of the fall semester, the Drama club has been fun rising to be able to purchase the rights to the show.
    “There are a number of students involved, members of the club and various college students. We even have some alumni in the show and working on lights/stage direction,” said Kevin Smith, Drama Club president.
    There are only 11 roles in the play, making each and every role valuable to the entire performance. Mrs. Ethel Savage, who the play is centered around, will be played by Kylie Parks.
    Other members of the club who are not taking the stage worked on ticket taking, setting up the set, and concessions sales to help the night go smoother.
    “The show went great! I was pleasantly surprised by our performance mostly because we were all so nervous,” Smith said.