Just buy the real, paper, printed book

    New-fangled technology has allowed us to have cell phones, portable computers, and now, even convenient electronic books – aka ebooks.
    With ebooks come a variety of new devices like the iPad, Kindle (along with the Kindle Fire), and the Nook.
    All of which allow us to pull books, and other information, right to the screen.
    Usually, when one purchases a book on one of these devices, they are cheaper (or the same price) that the actual, physical book.
    Not to mention that with some of these ebooks readers, like the iPad or KindleFire, you can listen to music, check your Facebook, and do many other things, while also having the privilege of reading your most loved books.
    If you think about it, most cell phones today (which many Americans obtain because of their abilities) can already do those things in a smaller and convenient way.
    Some cell phone devices even have apps that let you buy books as well!
    Now, lets talk about having the physical book right in front of you, to hold the actual printed copy of your most beloved author – feels good, doesn’t it?
    Makes you all giddy and such, right?
    And what if something happens to that expensive ebook reader of yours, hmm? Say it breaks or gets stolen, what are you supposed to do?
    That expensive device can cost anywhere from $90 to $600.
    Add in the cost of apps, books, and music, it’s quite a lot in the end, if one were to really think about it.
    So, if we already have a smaller and more capable way to have multiple forms of media in our hands (cell phones), then why waste your money on an ebook reader?
    Just buy the actual printed version! You not only get the satisfaction of owning it, if something bad were to happen you don’t end up wasting a lot of money.