Blue Man Group amazes fans

    The Blue Man Group will be performing in Detroit at the Fisher Theatre from Tuesday, May 1, until Sunday, May 13.
     The Blue Man Group comes across as being part rock group and part performance art group.
     The original trio formed in the late 1980s when the three friends, then in their twenties, joined together to perform as a guerrilla theater group in the streets of Manhattan.
     By the early 2000s, the Blue Man Group had grown from its meager beginnings into a $28 million operation with 473 employees, adding an additional 27 more Blue Men to the fold.
     Every facet of the Blue Man Group’s performance is carefully orchestrated. One aspect of their performance that amazes me is when they play the drum trombone. It is absolutely entrancing.
    The Blue Man Group released its first album, Audio, in 1999, earning a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Album. They have since released two more albums and a multitude of DVD’s and music videos.
    The Blue Man Group has also starred in a series of very entertaining television commercials for multimillion dollar computer chip maker Intel.
     If you’ve never seen Blue Man Group, it’s a must-see. If you’re already a fan, don’t miss it.