Video: Technology in the classroom

How is MCCC doing integrating technology into the classroom?

Interviews with humanities professors suggest that they are, overall, accepting of technology in the classroom.

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent throughout academia. Students are now able to access texts as ebooks, take notes on iPads, and have constant access to information through smart phones.

That net books were required for the Math 090, 150, and 151 this semester are evidence that this trend has reached MCCC.

But is this a positive trend? Although we have only just begun our trek down this new road, preliminary results seem promising.

See the video, Technology in the Classroom

Last semester pilot sections of Math 090, 150 and 151 were held to test the potential of using a computer program to help students with the courses.

Check out these graphs to see a comparison of the results from the pilot class and the other sections. 

As the graphs will show, all of the pilot courses were more successful than at least the majority of the other sections.

Math 151

Math 150

Math 090