Why do I have to breathe their smoke?

     Why is it that even though we are a non-smoking campus, people still insist on smoking near the doors outside of the buildings? Should a non-smoker be forced to walk through their carcinogenic billows?
     I’ve even heard that the construction workers were smoking while they work on the gas lines. Aside from the fact that we are a smoke-free campus, could this also be dangerous?
     One would think that it could be dangerous. What do we have to do to escape second-hand smoke?
      It is really frustrating having to come to school and be exposed to something that I do not wish to have in my life.
     Regardless of what people may think, I am trying to be a healthy person and part of that decision is not smoking and putting my health at risk.
     I am the father of three beautiful little girls. I would like to be around to see them grow and eventually get the chance to spoil my grandchildren, possibly even great-grandchildren.
      Has the policy been enforced by campus security? I haven’t a clue. But what I do know is that outside of nearly every door you can find cigarette butts.
      There should be some kind of repercussion for this obvious disregard for school policies. Whether it is a probationary period for the offender, or some other fate, there needs to be something in place, because the smokers seem to not care. It seems like smokers feel that they are entitled, or even above the law, when it comes to their nasty habit.
      Yes, they have the right to pollute their lungs with the 50-plus carcinogens that they take in from the smoke, but second-hand smoke is just as deadly to non-smokers.
     Unlike the smoker, the non-smoker does not get a choice when they are forced to inhale the smoke when they are merely trying to go to class. I think that the school should take a better look at the policy and enforce it.
     Making a healthy environment for students and faculty alike should be their ultimate goal.