McCloskey, Eason, Trombley win 2012 honors

After a year of hard work and dedication, students and staff were recognized for their achievements at Honors Night April 18.

The Outstanding Faculty Award was given to Dr. William McCloskey, a professor of English at MCCC since 1993. He taught part-time at the college for 16 years before that.

Patricia Eason, a psychology professor, was awarded the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.

Travis Trombley won several honors, including the Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award and the Outstanding Humanities Student Award.

Before announcing the outstanding faculty award, Dr. Grace Yackee, vice president of Instruction, read a long list of student comments about Dr. McCloskey.

One student noted how interesting Dr. McCloskey makes his classes.

“This instructor is filled with so much information, I could sit in his classroom all day long,” the student wrote.

Dr. McCloskey said he was honored by the award.

“I’m joining a list of some of the great teachers who have been here at the college,” he said. “I was very shocked and surprised and very humbled by it. I’m just thrilled to death.”

Yackee said students described Eason as an amazing teacher who was helpful, dedicated and able to explain complex topics.

Dr. Eason is active in the community and in professional organizations, and traveled recently to Haiti to help disadvantaged children, Yackee said.

Yackee quoted a student who described the adjunct winner’s impact on students.

“I walked into the classroom full of anxiety. Dr. Eason walked in, and the whole atmosphere changed,” the student wrote.

Eason thanked the students who nominated her for the award.

“I feel very honored. All the students who took the time to honor me – it’s really, really cool,” she said.

In introducing Trombley as the outstanding student of 2011-2012, professor Alex Babycz noted how difficult the decision was.

“Travis stood out just a little bit higher than the other students.They were all wonderful.It was a difficult task,” he said.

He noted that besides being a writing fellow, Trombley has taken 21 credit hours the past two semesters, and has been able to maintain a 4.0 grade average.

Trombley said he was honored to win the award.

“I feel like there are so many other students who should have won this. But I’m very honored and very grateful,” he said.

The Outstanding Diversity Program of the Year Award and the Outstanding Student Program of the Year Award were presented to the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

The Dr. Ronald Campbell Student Government Award went to Christopher Holmes.

Dr. Campbell, MCCC’s first president, personally presented the award to Holmes.

Danielle Pearch received the Business Student of the Year Award.

The George Rhodes Writing Fellow Award went to Kaitlin Moore.

Kelly Cunningham won the Outstanding CIS Student award.

The Carol Kish Scholarship Award for nursing went to Jacqueline Corser. The Winter Cohort for the Outstanding Nursing Student Award was Tammy Ogle, while the Fall Cohort was Derek Cousino.

The Winter Cohort for the Spirit of Nursing Award for the US Army/NSNA was Amanda Paul, and the Fall Cohort was Kayla Baker.

The Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Student Award was given to Julie Charlton Donaldson.

Justin Alcorn received the Industrial Technology Award for Products and Process Technology.

Tyler Eagle received the Outstanding Journalism Award, and awards for Excellence in Journalism went to Mandi Davis and Taylor Pinson.

The Organic Chemistry Award was given to Courtney Carr.

Joshua Zarza received the MASS Mathematic Competition Award.

Scholars for various programs were also noticed for their hard work and dedication, including Writing Fellows and those who were on the Winter 2011 and Fall 2011 Dean’s List.

Also, all clubs were acknowledged for their hard work and contributions throughout the year.