Crews installing new gas lines

Faculty and students may notice more construction crews around campus for the next few weeks, as Michigan Gas Utilities has begun installing new gas lines.

The college is abandoning the current gas line, which runs directly under the new Career Tech Building site.

Crews are beginning to install new gas mains and services throughout the rest of the campus. 

The crews are using various installation technologies to allow little disturbance to campus life, including directional drilling technology, according to Jim Blumberg, director of the Physical Plant at MCCC.

The crews will be drilling underground, and pulling plastic gas lines through the holes, Blumberg said.

Small holes will be opened to allow the crews to connect sections of the piping together, he said.

Students should notice few problems, Blumberg said, because the directional drilling technology being used offers the least amount of disruption possible.

The total construction should take no more than three weeks. Sidewalks and roads will remain open.

The crews will need to connect the new service lines to the existing boiler rooms. Each tie-in will result in a shutdown of approximately 4 hours.  If possible, tie-ins will take place on warmer days and Fridays, Blumberg said.

 MCCC will have a short interruption of service to each building as the service is transferred to the new gas services.

The gas service transfers will be scheduled some time during May. 

Students and faculty will be notified in advance when service will be disrupted.

The project timing was dictated by the construction of the new building and the need to provide a new gas feed line into campus, Blumberg said.