One Book, One Community gets underway

Harriet Reisen will be making a guest appearance on campus for the One Book, One Community to discuss her documentary.


“The Women Behind Little Women” will be shown on March 21 at Meyer Theatre. The viewing of the production is just one of many events revolving around the novel “March” by Geraldine Brooks, the official projects selection.

Brooks, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was influenced by Louisa May Alcott to write “March”. It tells the story about Mr. March, an army chaplain and the absent father in “Little Women”, who goes through many struggles during the Civil War.

Cheryl Johnston, one of the co-chairs helping with the project, voices how she feels on having Reisen show her documentary.

“Most people are familiar with Little Women, they will probably be interested in the film,” Johnston said.

Many teachers are adding the book into their curriculum.

Mark Bergmooser, an assistant professor of speech, explains why he added it to his.

“The book’s emphasis is on relationships. It will add a nice touch when we discuss interpersonal relationships,” Bergmooser said.

Joanna Sabo, a professor of political science, has added the book to her curriculum.

“My introduction to political science class covers the civil rights movement which is related to the post-Civil War period,” Sabo said.

Aarius Rader is one of many students that have to read the book for class.

“I’m not really interested. War stories aren’t my favorite at all,” Rader said.

Not only are some MCCC classes adding “March” but a Children Literature’s course is reading “Little Women”. Natasha Wickenheiser is one of those students.

“I’m looking forward to reading ‘March’. I am even reading Little Women in my children literature class, so I’m excited to see the connection between the two. Plus I love historical fiction books that are set back during the Civil War,” Wickenheiser said.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, so the choosing of “March” fits in perfectly. Not only is the college going to be taking part of the read but so is the Middle college, Monroe County Library System, Meadow Montessori, and Monroe Publishing Company.

There are also more events going on such as a tour at the museum, and a few things happening through the Monroe County Library System. Even a business class is working on putting together a brochure.

Below is a list of events that are going on with One Book, One Community and the college. All are free and open to the public:

• March 11: Event Start-up, Monroe County Historical Museum, 2 p.m. Steve Alexander portrays General Custer in a Civil War discussion and tour of the museum collection. A local band Fiddlesix will be performing historic 19th century music.

• March 12: Film screening: HBO Miniseries “John Adams” – Episode Two, MCCC Little Theatre, Building C, Room 3, 7 p.m. This episode is an informed and passionate presentation of ideas that inspired the first American Revolution and laid the groundwork for the second American Revolution.

• March 20: Read-a-thon: “March” by Geraldine Brooks, MCCC, Library Lobby 10 a.m. MCCC Writing Fellows take turns reading aloud chapters from the book.

• March 21: Producer/Writer Harriet Reisen presentation and film screening: “Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women” MCCC, La-Z-Boy Centre, Meyer Theatre, 7 p.m. Harriet Reisen portrays a writer as worthy of interest in her own most famous character, Jo March. This documentary is an in-depth biography that explores Alcott’s life in context of her works, many which are autobiographical.

• March 29: MCCC Brown Bag Book Discussion, “March”, La-Z-Boy Center Atrium, 12:30 p.m.

• April 2: Reader’s Theater: American Civil War Writers, La-Z-Boy Center Atrium, 7:00 p.m. Readings from the works of the major writers of the American Civil War period will be performed by MCCC faculty, present and retired.

• April 4: Discussion panel, sponsored by The Agora: “War is Hell: Whether It’s the Civil War or the Iraq War,” La-Z-Boy Center Atrium, 7:00 p.m. This panel discussion will focus on when war is justified how families are affected when their sons and daughters, husbands and wives, go off to war. Appearances expected include a soldier who fought in the Middle East and returned, a family member who live through the trauma back home in Monroe County, and experts on war and faith from both the religious and academic communities as well.