Ex- priest discusses faith, beliefs

Marvin Josaitis, a former Catholic priest, came to MCCC’s Meyer Theater to talk about his two books: “Breaking Grand Silence: A Former Priest Stands Out,” and “Pennies From a Heav’n: The Joy of Making Family.”

Josaitis’ presentation brought out a large crowd of citizens from around Monroe County.

People gathered in the theater to hear his story of why he quit the priesthood and the reasoning behind his two books.

After being a pastor at St. Michael’s Church in Monroe from 1967 to 1969, Josaitis resigned and became a professor of philosophy and English at MCCC.

However, after seven years of teaching, he then went on to work in corporate positions all around America.

In 1998, Josaitis retired to focus on his other interests, which include writing, and being a volunteer and Realtor.

In December of 2011, the former priest released both of his books within a week’s time.

The second book, “Pennies From a Heav’n: The Joy of Making Family,” is a story of his family that Josaitis wrote to tell his first granddaughter about the family members she did not get to meet.

“This book is my love story to the world,” Josaitis stated about his second book.

However, his first book, “Breaking Grand Silence: A Former Catholic Priest Speaks Out,” is what Josaitis returned to MCCC to speak about.

This book was written about the reasons why Josaitis left the Catholic Church and priesthood.

It is a controversial subject that he addressed both in his book and to his audience during his presentation.

Due to philosophical reasons including sex, celibacy and views about women and men, Josaitis decided he could no longer be a priest because he did not support or believe in what he was preaching.

These three topics were viewed as paradigms by Josaitis, which is basically our way of thinking that we are taught and that shapes the way we behave as we grow up.

Since Josaitis did not agree with these ways of thinking, he did not want to continue being a priest.

Although these topics are controversial and people believe different things about them, Josaitis presented a great speech that made his audience think.

“The presentation was very interesting and thought provoking. I bought both books and am halfwqay through the second one; his theories make you think,” William Bacarella, chairman of MCCC’s Board of Trustees, said.

“I was impressed by Dr. Josaitis’ teaching ability,” MCCC President David Nixon said.

“As he would in a classroom discussing extremely sensitive topics without offending anyone in the audience; and each one of us learned something about ourselves and the paths we have taken.”

While these topics may never be completely agreed upon, it is clear that Josaitis’ speech raised a lot of questions and thoughts for the people in the audience.