MCCC prepares to reorganize internal bureaucracy

The MCCC Institutional Governance Committee has unveiled its plan for a new system for managing the school’s internal operations.

The new system was presented to the board of trustees on Feb. 27 and unveiled to MCCC’s entire staff the following day in the Meyer Theater. 

Video of new governance proposal

It contains three councils, one each for faculty, staff, and administration. Each council has one person from the other two groups, and all three can communicate with each other or directly with the school’s president. Some committees have been kept, but there are fewer of them than there were under the old model. Its goal is to improve communication and governance among school employees and improve institutional effectiveness.

“Communication is always a challenge for any large organization, especially when you have as many activities as we have here at the college,” said MCCC President David Nixon.

MCCC Board of Trustee Chair William Bacarelli his desire for the new model to succeed.

“I’d like to see this committee structure restore the trust, integrity, and respect for all the people working here at the college,” said Bacarelli.

The IGC’s plan is intended to correct various short-comings in the current system, which was brought to the college’s attention during MCCC’s 2010 accreditation visit by the Higher Learning Commission, a part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The IGC based its plan on suggestions from a report by the CLARUS Corporation, a firm hired by MCCC that specializes in improving communication within organizations.

MCCC’s operational changes are not expected to affect students.

“I don’t believe it’s going to affect the students directly. I hope they get a better product because of the improved communications, but hopefully the students are getting the best possible education they can already at the college,” Bacarelli said.