Two employees receive “enriching” awards

Two members f the MCCC staff —Penny Bodell and Vicky Lavelle — won recent “Enriching Lives Performance Awards.”

Bodell, who is the administrative assistant to the V.P. of Student and Information Services, won the September- October award.

Lavelle, who is a technician in the Culinary Arts Program, won the November- December award.

Bodell works in the Student Services department, where her job duties consist of everything from dealing with student’s requests and concerns to editing the college’s catalog.

“If someone is honest and deserving, the college finds a way to help,” Bodell said when asked if she evergets frustrated with her job duties.

Monthly emails are sent out to the staff from Molly McCutchan, Director of Human Resources, asking for nominations and announcing the recipients of the award.

Bodell discovered she had won the award through one of the monthly emails. She said she was grateful and touched to have even been nominated.

The winner receives a certificate  and a traveling award they can display until the next recipient is chosen.

Vicki LaValle was honored for her interaction with students in the culinary program.

This award has been given out since March, 2010, McCutchan said. There have been nine award winners since that time.

A person is nominated based on their demonstration of the college’s “ICare” brand values, which are: investment, community, accessibility, responsiveness, and enrichment.

Anybody can nominate a person to be the recipient of this award, Mc- Cutchan said. It was started in an effort to recognize staff for their work performance.

Not only does this award recognized worthy employees, but it also demonstrates what MCCC’s vision statement is all about, she said.