Conservation exhibit fills Whitman lobby

The Whitman Center is digging deep to investigate conservation methods.

A larger-than-life exhibit, “Soil: The Foundation of Life,” fills the lobby of the Whitman building.

The enormous exhibit was provided at no cost by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, according to Sandy Kosmyna, director of the Whitman Center.

“With all the hype about green energy, I wanted to give the opportunity for people to learn how they can help,” Kosmyna said.

She teamed up with Cathy Spearing, Whitman administrative assistant, to find and invite local conservationists to share their knowledge of the subject.

 “I invited three speakers with different backgrounds so people could learn more than just soil conservation,” Kosmyna said.

Conservation Night will be 7-8:30 p.m. Nov. 16 in room 9 at the Whitman Center.

Featured speakers will be Amy Gilhouse, of the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Stewardship Program (MAEAP), Al Norwood, district conservationist for Monroe County, and Jamie Dean, Recycling and Green Energy Division Director at the Monroe County Health Department.

Gilhouse will share ways to protect water resources and guidelines farmers must meet to receive MAEAP verification of their farms.

Norwood will explain a Web Soil Survey that provides information about soil on county residents’ property.

Dean will discuss recycling services and how to minimize carbon footprints.

Conservation Night is open to all students, staff, and community members. Questions can be answered at (734)-847-0559.

There are several other upcoming events and exhibits at the Whitman Center.

The Winter Semester will host events such as the History of Baseball, Youth Art Month, and Mental Health History.

Spearing and Kosmyna said they want students and staff to know they are always looking for ideas for future exhibits.