MCCC Bowling Club competes in tournaments

The Monroe County Community College Huskies Bowling Club finished competing in its second and third conference tournaments of the season. Each tournament lasted for a day, occurring on Nov.  5-6.

The bowlers representing the MCCC Huskies were Don Jones, Kyle Suttles, Jake Falzon, Chad LaFleur, and Jeffrey Kaminski.

The first tournament featured the Huskies defeating one “A” team and two “B” teams, finishing 22nd in points. Kyle Suttles finished 82nd out of 230 bowlers in individual standings.

In the second tournament of the weekend, the Huskies showed slight improvement, besting 2 “A” teams and 2 “B” teams, slotting them in 21st for total team points. Don Jones ended 65th out of the 230 bowlers ranking in the individual standings.

Both of these tournaments are an improvement over the showing in the opening tournament, in which the team finished 23rd out of 24 schools.