Fans waited in rain for Modern Warfare 3

Sitting in the rain under the Gamestop sign Monday night were many Call of Duty fans waiting on the release of Modern Warfare 3.

The line, which started at noon, snaked from the entrance of Gamestop on Telegraph around the corner to the side of the building.

Fans weren’t expecting anything more than a normal midnight game release, but Gamestop had a different idea.

 A system station, which was made up of a PS3 and a TV, was pushed out the doors to let fans play the game demo as they waited. Gamestop also supplied free snacks and beverages to anyone who was waiting.

Unknown to any of the fans, a band had come to entertain them as they waited. Many people in line were whispering about how much faster it made the time go by.  That was nice, but the weather was still bumming out a lot of fans.

Buffalo Wild Wings also made an appearance. Everyone who was waiting in line got a free cup holder, a foam football, and a coupon. 

The fun  continued as Gamestop raffled Call of Duty products. People won hats, t-shirts, banners, card board cut outs, and so on. Eventually, Gamestop employees were throwing products into the line for people to catch.

When it came to finally getting the game, things were easy. People who came in earlier in the day and paid for a reserved copy were given a green wristband. This band let them walk in, pick up their game, and leave. This not only made it easier on the fans, but on the Gamestop staff as well.

Now, as for the game itself, let me just say that MW3 is magnificent.

A lot of old stuff was brought back from Modern Warfare 2. The picture is relatively the same, but it has more of a crisp look.

The guns also look a lot smoother as well; they’re still like the guns from previous games, but they’ve been given this realistic look that appeals to some gamers.

It is also a great improvement from Black Ops, might I say! They didn’t struggle to make it look better; they just took a great thing and made it even greater.

Knifing is also a lot more accurate, compared to the previous versions, which in itself is a great improvement.

Overall, MW3 deserves a 10/10.