Red Hot Chili Peppers deliver disappointing album

The Red Hot Chili Peppers formed in Los Angeles in 1983. Anthony Kiedis (vocals), Michael “Flea” Balzary (bass), Chad Smith (drummer), and John Frusciante (guitarist) are all known for their musical mix of punk and hip -hop.

In 2009, Frusciante left the band, allowing him to produce and/or record with the Wu- Tang Clan, The Mars Volta, and a few others. This then allowed Josh Klinghoffer, their gui­tarists of today, to join the band.

Their album “By The Way” was amaz­ing! Their music and lyrics flowed together smoothly; sending electric chills down the spines of many. Songs like “Can’t Stop” and “By The Way” are two incredible songs! The mix of the musical talent and the crisp voice of Kiedis made them worth listening to.

Then “I’m With You” came out, and that ‘flow of talent’ went down the tubes. There is no doubt that Flea, Smith, and Frusciante can play; they are all wonderful performers. However, there was a great lack of creativity when it came to the lyrics. The lyrics lacked in captivity and charisma, not to mention that they did not make any sense. One should not have to turn back a song numerous times to try to understand the song. Music is supposed to flow and be a calming, soothing experience; not another puzzle.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers had something going for them before “I’m With You.” Now they are looking at a very poor album, with not too many downloads. In the end, I have