Equals Three trumps Tosh.0

YouTube is usually filled with random videos made by young juveniles in their mothers’ basements.

Once in a great while you’ll come across one decent YouTube channel.

So far, however, the best one to date is that of Ray William Johnson, aka equals three (=3)!

Johnson reviews viral videos twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and posts them to his Youtube channel and website, RayWJ.com.

He also makes the “Your Favorite Mar­tian” music videos; which usually make fun of things that are slightly ridiculous and are annoying to the common person.

This show is hilarious! Some of the best videos of all time are found here, as well as the best comments. Of course certain things are cencored for those of younger ages, and also to make it a semi-appropriate show.

Johnson has the pop and flair to grab his viewers’ attention. He stays very close to the camera and gives you great examples about whatever point he is try­ing to make.

The best part about this show is the fact that you can discover viral videos sooner than you’d be able to with something like Tosh.0.

Not to mention the fact that Johnson is ten times funnier than anyone else to date.

This show may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy laughing while watching other people’s mishaps, or just need something to make themselves laugh, Equals Three is where it’s at.