MCCC SolidWorks course in high demand

There are more jobs than students to fill them in one program taught at MCCC.

Dr. Dean Kerste, MCCC’s Professor of Mechanical Design Technology, has placed all of his students interested in a job and still can’t keep up with demands from employers.

Kerste has been getting phone calls from companies looking to hire workers for full-time positions, part-time positions, and jobs on a contract basis. These jobs typically pay between $20-30 an hour.

 “The design industry is booming. I have more job offers than students,” said Kerste, “I’ve always had jobs in this field no matter how bad the economy has been, but this past six months has been especially big.”

Kerste teaches a variety of courses where students learn how to use computer-aided design and drafting programs, known as CAD. CAD programs are used in designing everything from perfume bottles to fighter jets.

One of the courses offered at MCCC teaches students how to use SolidWorks, a 3D mechanical CAD program used by more than 150,00 different organizations world wide.

“It’s a blast. This is a fun class to teach and the students love it,” Kerste said. “I have three students driving over an hour to get to the SolidWorks course.”

SolidWorks has been increasing in popularity in the design industry, and demand for people proficient with the program has increased significantly.

 “A student can come off the street, pass the class, and in many cases get a job right away,” said Kerste. “The people who are interested in working will have jobs.”

Kerste is currently working with five different employers interested in filling positions. Three of them are looking to hire people that have earned their Certified SolidWorks Associate Certification. The other two companies are willing to hire students that have only completed the SolidWorks course.

“It’s a shame we can’t fill all of these positions,” said Kerste. “Employers are swamped.”

MCCC currently offers a two-year program that teaches students how to use four different software programs. A new advanced SolidWorks course as well as a new certificate program that can be completed in one year are currently in the works, and according to Kerste should be made available next fall.