New college policy arms security officers

MCCC security personnel have been given the ability to carry and use registered weapons while on duty.

According to Randy Daniels, vice-president of Student Services, the policy is meant to cre­ate a more secure campus.

Daniels also noted that all the security offi­cers are retired police officers and are certified to carry firearms.

“Security guards will have their qualifica­tions and be background checked, so I see no problem with it,” Garrett Gaut, an MCCC stu­dent, said.

According to the new college policy, all of­ficers on campus must gain a Concealed Pistol License (CPL), which allows them to carry the firearm. The permit is to be kept current, and as a condition of employment for all security personnel.

These officers must carry this documentation with them while they are on duty, along with their driver’s license. Officers are also required to attend sidearm training not less than once a year, or whenever the college has scheduled the training.

“I like it, as long as they know how to use a gun,” MCCC student Brook Willer said.

The policy also states that the sidearm shall be carried in a manner that is considered safe while on duty or in uniform. The sidearm will also be fully loaded, and will not be left in un­secured locations.

The college will not issue, own, or purchase any of the firearms. The college will also not issue or purchase any ammunition needed for the firearms.

The policy limits the use of firearms too se­vere situations. Harm to the officer or others in any form of bodily harm, sexual assault, or loss of human life fall into this category. Discharg­ing the weapon not in these circumstances is not allowed.

An officer cannot open fire in an attempt to apprehend a person while under suspicion that they were connected to a crime, according to the policy.

The only time an officer can use a firearm to affect the arrest, or prevent the escape of someone, is when they have witnessed a mur­der, rape, robbery, arson, or an assault which resulted in a loss of human life.

All students don’t support the new policy.

“Honestly, that makes me feel less safe,” said Hope Laurain, another MCCC student. “The idea that they can shoot someone and possibly kill them is very nerve-racking, even if it was for my own safety.”

If a firearm is discharged — either acciden­tally or intentionally — there are certain proce­dures that must be followed.

The Vice President of Student Services and Security Supervisor will be notified. Then the details surrounding the incident will be inves­tigated.