Campus road closing soon


The road through the north end of campus will be closed soon due to construction.

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, a school-wide email was sent out with the following message:

“Campus road between the Gerald Welch Health Education Building and Life Sciences Building will soon close to begin site preparation for the new Career Technology Center.

All parking lots will remain open; however, lots 3-7 will only be accessible through the south entrance of campus once the road closes.

The road will remain closed until building construction is complete in the Fall of 2013.”

The road closure will take place on the north driveway en­trance to the college, and will begin just east of the entrance to Lots 1 and 2. In order for students to get to the parking areas behind the L-building and behind the A-building, they will need to use the south entrance.

Some students weren’t happy about the road closure.

Will Schwab said he is frustrated as the college begins prepa­rations for the new Career Technology Center.

“Basically, it effects me a lot because I have to find another way around; they just made a bigger headache,” Schwab said.

Kylie Schmitt said she was worried about how the construc­tion will affect parking, even though the college announced that no parking lots will be closed.

“I feel that it’s going to be an inconvenience because it will take longer to get over to the parking in that area. I also feel that it will cause more traffic to build up going in and leaving the college,” she said.

No official date for the road closure has been released.