Nursing program reaccredited

MCCC’s associate degree of nursing program has re­ceived full NLNAC accreditation for the next two-and-a-half years.

Although the accreditation was approved, the nurs­ing program has been placed on warning status by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

The NLNAC expressed concerns in three areas, re­sulting in a shorter period of re-accreditation than the standard 8 years.

The three areas which need improvement include: hiring more adjunct faculty with Master of Science of Nursing (MSN) degrees; addressing inconsistencies in the curriculum; and developing a systematic plan for measuring student learning outcomes.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Dr. Cynthia Roman, dean of the Health Sciences Division.

The Nursing program hosted a three day visit for members of the NLNAC. The on-site visit by two visi­tors was one step of the accreditation process.

Roman and the nursing program were also required to submit a self-study report.

After the visitation, the site visitors then submitted a preliminary report to the NLNAC review panel, which made recommendations to the NLNAC board of com­missioners, which then made the final decision.

Roman and Dr. Grace Yackee, vice president of in­struction, traveled to Atlanta to attend the review panel discussion.

The two MCCC administrators said the review panel’s recommendation was bittersweet.

While the nursing program received accreditation for the next two and one-half years, it is much less than the expected eight years the college had expected.

MCCC’s nursing program has held continued accredi­tation since 1987; not receiving the maximum number of years was a disappointment.

“Our program has very high standards,” Roman said.

Accreditation is optional, but is desired because hos­pitals can deny clinical experience to non-accredited schools of nursing.

The nursing program is not opposed to making the im­provements suggested and welcomes the feedback given by the NLNAC.

“I am confident that the nursing faculty will accom­plish this task, resulting in a stronger program,” Roman said

In addition to the accreditation process, the nursing program has discontinued the online LPN to RN pro­gram.

Despite the cancellation, the five students who remain. will be allowed to complete the program. The projected completion date is April 2012.