New apps take parent snooping to a new level


 It has been a parent’s dream for centuries to be able to pinpoint their childrens exact location; espe­cially when they hit the teen years.

The only reason parents want this information is so they know their child is safe, and whether or not the child is always telling the truth about their whereabouts.

Well, thanks to the new-fangled Android powered phones, parents now have the power!

Certain GPS apps allow one to “check in” with a list of friends and family, allowing the user to see where people are at any given time.

Some apps will actually show where in a house someone could be, either sitting or standing (creepy), and if you zoom in close enough you can see an im­age of the location and its surroundings.

It’s like Google Earth all over again! Except in ad­dition to getting an up-close picture of someone’s home, car, and front yard, you get to see where someone is in the home.

Some apps allow one to see local pedophiles and any other persons with criminal records in the sur­rounding area.

Do parents have the right to protect their children? Well of course. Should parents know where their children are? Yes.

However, does the new wave of android technol­ogy make the whole process more invasive and criti­cal than it should be? Yes.

Parents should trust their children. Kids are bound to make mistakes, or else how would they learn?

When someone’s child is attending college, should their parents make sure they’re really in that classroom? Is anyone going to check and make sure they go to work every day?

No, of course they’re not. People grow up, and move on in life.

Parents do not have to let go right away by any means, but we have come to the point where “check­ing in” has reached a whole new level.