Abandoned kitten needs home

Four abandoned kittens that were less than 5 days old were discovered July 28 behind the E Building on the MCCC campus.

Julie Edwards of Sienna Heights University and Amy Westover of Eastern Michigan University found the kittens.

“I got out the door under the awning of the Administration building and I could hear them screaming.” Westover said.

“I said, ‘They are little babies.’

Westover said no one would pick the kittens up. So since she worked at the Humane Society in Monroe County and was experi­enced with animals, she volun­teered to put the four kittens in a box and take them home to try to nurse them to health.

Unfortunately, three of the kit­tens did not survive the weekend.

One kitten, who is now four weeks old, just got his teeth and is starting to wobble around the house, Westover said.

“They were so tiny they fit in­side the palm of your hand. I tried to call for their mom, but there were no other cats on campus,” she said.

The location where the kittens were found indicates they were not placed there by a mother cat.

Cats usually choose a well cov­ered area for their young. These kittens were out in the open with­out any protection.

If you would like to adopt this month old, long-haired grey tab­by, contact The Agora staff for further information: agora@mon­roeccc.edu.